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Three piece rock, blues and originals band from Tecumseh Michigan.


Mike Hintz (Bass/Vocals) is carrying on a family tradition of music. Mikes grandparents and parents played Gospel music, community orchestras, parlor music and barn dances. Clarinet, Saxophone, piano, guitar and bass guitar lessons started at 9 years old. College classes at WCC included Theory, Jazz and Music Business classes’ added structure to the love of music. Mikes first band Cardiac Attack started in 1972 (the name changed to Jamus in deference to our parents) played parties, festivals and band Battles. Jamus made it to the finals in the Saline Battle of the Bands in 1975. The Country Heartaches, Southwind, MCO, Irish Hills Blues Project, and a Gospel group called Noteworthy made a joyful noise all around the area! Currently The Mighty Rhythm Bandits rock it out, No Conflict plays spirited alt. country, and Color Me Gone plays Blues. Make a Joyful Noise !


Michael Snyder-Barker (Drums/Vocals) has been playing drums since the 1980s. Michael felt the calling to play drums from a very early age. After years of using everything under the sun to pound out a beat on, Michael finally went to college and bought his first drum set using college loan money to purchase a (very) used set from a friend. Michael joined a band about a year later that never got out of the basement and had only 2-3 practices. Michael’s first band in 1987/1988 was with college friends Albino Zoo. Michael played with several groups over the decades including: (the next three bands listed with John Lowe) Black Bird, Gypsy Moth, Lowe Ball, Soylent Green, Edgar Allen’s Toe, WMD, Company Street Shakedown, Ebb Tide, Rustbelt Angels, Sunday Morning Light. Currently, Michael plays with two active bands No Conflict and The Mighty Rhythm Bandits. Michael has recorded his first full length CD “Bark’s Wagon Tales” which has received positive reviews. Michael likes playing great music and continues to have multiple projects going at one time.


John Lowe (Guitar/Vocals) started life in Toledo, Oh as the youngest of 5 in a family that was heavily infused with music. Whether it was Johnny Cash on the radio or mom playing hymns on the Conn organ in the living room. The impact of guitar was fully realized by a chance broadcast of Blue Oyster Cult on The Blue Jean Network late one night playing the legendary hit Godzilla ( all-time favorite movie monster). The final signature on the deal came in witnessing the greatness of Eddie Van Halen on Friday night videos.

After many hours of banging out classic tunes and air guitar in front of the mirror an ad for a guitar player wanted in the paper was the introduction to Mike Snyder-Barker and Blackbird and those various incarnations. After that he went on to play in Pipe Dreams and Special Fred then Cuppa Joe. There was a break from music and rejoining Mike into what is now The Mighty Rhythm Bandits.

“The Mighty Rhythm Bandits are a good-time, house-rocking band that will take you back to some of the best nights of your life. Get ready to clap your hands and tap your feet. The songs you know and love, their great originals and terrific live show will put a smile on your face and send you home happy!” - Mike Gentry

“The Mighty Rhythm Bandits are always a hit at the taproom. They play a little bit of everything, but focus mostly on up-tempo Blues Music, which is very popular with our customers. They always put on a good show.” - Krista Cotton (Cotton Brewing Company)

“The Mighty Rhythm Bandits are mighty awesome when playing at Black Fire Winery.”

- Michael Wells (Black Fire Winery)

More info to come

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